In the digital world, we can not survey without the help of the internet. Almost all persons will be connected to the browser for getting information about everything. Most of the people using Google Chrome, internet explorer like that but we need some alternative browser for accessing different knowledge from various source. Moreover, every web browser having unique features based on their users and the characteristics of the application. In this section, we are going to obtain some strange details about the Mozilla browser and how to use it. 

Do you know the significant features of Mozilla Firefox?

  • The Mozilla Firefox is the best open-source web browser and anyone can download and make use of it free-of-charge. 
  • They represent the source code in public so third-parties can also modify and improve the software to build another browser from the firefox’s source code. 
  • It is very safe because the users can check out the source code in case of any malicious attack is happened and having build-in malware protection to protect users from threats. 
  • This browser is developed in multi-platform hence you can handle both desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Mozilla Firefox doesn’t collect any data from your browsing while using it in the private browsing mode. For this access, 
  • you have to turn on the privacy and security category in the setting. When compared to Google chrome has a faster page and security but Mozilla provides better privacy protection and delivered with much speed. 
  • Process of setting the firefox homepage, users can simply drag the home icon on the firefox’s toolbar and change once prompted and another option is going to the homepage and paste the URL.  


  • Get the secured browsing experience 
  • Keep away from the online theft 
  • Kep your data safe and secure 
  • Highly recommended by security experts 
  • Get a better experience from it 


  • Version 68.5.0
  • Version 68.4.2
  • Version 68.4.1
  • Version 68.4.0
  • Much more